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The Assembly of NGOs and Activists for Liberation of Holy Quds

The Assembly of NGOs and Activists for Liberation of Holy Quds

“The Assembly of NGOs and Activists for Liberation of Holy Quds” was founded in the 2006 following the 33-Day-Long War with purpose of “realizing the ideals of the late leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini and that of the current supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei in support for Palestine and liberation of the Holy Quds”. The motivation behind founding this assembly was to coordinate the NGOs active in this area for exchanging their expert views.
The assembly which is nationally and internationally active started its activity with a limited number of members and continued to incorporate other organizations and activists for the oppressed people of Palestine. Now, it has become a specialized source organ for Palestine and resistance with more than 40 natural and legal members.

1. Exchange of ideas among the member and similar non-member organizations
2. Cooperation with popular fronts in executing their plans
3. Attempt to establish cohesion and prevent parallel activities
4. Attempt to achieve perfection and complete the performance of the organizations and individuals
5. A joint move or position when necessary
6. Attempt to overplay the role of NGOs in national and international arenas
1- Organizing regular expert meetings for the problems of Palestine
2-Organizing street meetings when necessary
3- Organizing various symposiums and conferences including the summit of resistance in the Middle Asia, Caucasus and Latin America
4. Organizing regional symposium of the NGOs in Teheran, etc.
5. Participating in various national and international conferences
6. Preparing and distributing propaganda items about the crimes committed by the Zionist Regime during the 22-Day-Long, 8-Day-Long and 51-Day-Long War in Gaza
7. Organizing concerts of artists for resistance
8. Organizing exhibitions for cartoons and paintings in support for the people of Palestine

Secretary-General: Hussein Sheikh al-Islam
Executive Secretary: Ahmad Soroush Nejad
Website: Qudsngo.com
Email: info@qudsngo.com

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